Suspicious Mind


There are all kinds of experts and statistics that will tell you about cheating partners.  We believe that your gut instinct is the rule to go by.  There are of course some suspicious behaviors, warnings or blatant signs of infidelity that are being exhibited.  Think about the following list and see if any of these behaviors have been noticed.

  • Time spent away from home has been increasing
  • Partner is unavailable when at work
  • New activities or interests have started that do not include you
  • Decreased sexual interest in you
  • Texting on cellphone has increased
  • Leaves the room to have a conversation on the phone
  • Excessive or higher use of computer alone or secretly
  • Vehicle mileage does not match alleged activities
  • Credit card usage shows increase in restaurants and other charges
  • Cellphone bills show some calls are substantially longer
  • Partner opens new charge card account
  • Partner opens new email account and you have no access
  • Partner answers questions vaguely
  • Partner leaves in the morning in one outfit and returns in another
  • Partner pays more attention to his looks
  • Partner decides to get fit and healthy

Infidelity, cheating, being unfaithful, having an affair, adultery – call it what you want.  The bottom line is that when suspicion creeps into your relationship you are in pain and fear.  We are your support team. We clarify the matter for you.

 You deserve to know.