About us


We are a team of experienced female investigators that specialize in fidelity matters.  We provide various operatives – models, actresses, actors and others as required to provide you with the proof you need.   All information is confidential and we provide discreet, empathetic, compassionate, and caring service.  If you believe your partner is being unfaithful we are your strongest ally.

Infidelity is a modern societal disease.  The damage is not just emotional to the faithful partner or the family – health issues today are significant, financial expenditures can alter family goals, hurt and suspicion can last a lifetime.

Undercover? Above cover? We are invisible.  Surveillance trained, web experts, videographers, photographers – all in one investigations.  Need long term proof or a short checkup our rates are reasonable.

You,  the client, determines the level and the depth of the information you want to obtain.  Reports are provided for all investigations.

We can walk you through our list of standard cheating behaviors and suspicious activities your partner may exhibit.

British Columbia wide, Vancouver located private investigative firm.